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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Doing more images in the Timeline of Facebook

Earlier this year introduced a significant change in how you view user profiles and fan page on the social network. Although the changes implemented in the new design, called Timeline, were not pleasant for all users, brought some interesting improvements that we can use , especially if you manage a fan page for a company, a brand, a product or a celebrity.

Considering the above, I decided to redesign some of the fan page, in order to see what the size of pictures that best suits each publication in the and, thus, make the pages I manage for my clients look much better.

After reviewing all the options, I found that in total there are 6 different sizes for that are posted on a fan page, its distribution would be:

  • (1) profile image
  • (2) Cover image
  • (3) shared image size (not outstanding)
  • (4) Image and outstanding share
  • (5) Image Milestone (Milestone)
  • (6) Application Image tab

The following image shows the size in pixels of each image type. The number in parentheses corresponds to each of the sizes.

A seventh image size to consider, but I did not include in the example for reasons of space, is the application pages. For proper display in the iFrame that Facebook makes available must have a width of 810 pixels.

Another important detail to note is about the size of the profile picture. Although the recommended is 180×180 px, it eventually shrinks to a size of 160×160 px, so we should consider this factor if we want to develop a design that integrates profile picture with the cover.

With this information at hand is much simpler plan publications on fan pages, in addition to helping visitors enjoy the content in a better way and with a good impression.

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