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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Dotcom Announces Mega domain will be in New Zealand

Dotcom Announces Mega domain will be in New Zealand

Following the refusal of Gabon to the possibility that the new platform Dotcom had his domain, mogul announces a new twist. will run as domain Dotcom country you are in, the same one that started the famous raid on the U.S. operation against Megaupload. be launched in January 2013 .

As many of you know, on November 1 first revealed the URL for your new platform. Mega Service, an alternative file storage, operate under the rule through African country Gabon. The answer to this was negative, warning that they would take the domain and they would not allow the entry of a product under their domains.

Following the refusal of Gabon, tycoon announced he had alternatives and in a few hours have been announced. Mega now be based on a domain controlled by the country in which he lives founder. On January 20, 2013 Mega be launched in

A move that could very well sprout Dotcom. A country where, despite what happened, the mogul said that he loves and that is your “home”. Currently it is a figure that has gained in popularity, more since the Prime Minister himself, John Key, had public apology to him for the irregularities committed by the forces of the country. According Dotcom:

The judiciary in works. Judges are independent and not influenced by politics. That has been our experience so far.

The mogul believes that as Mega work, completely legal, a service will be protected under the laws of New Zealand. He believes that the lobby will have nothing to do in this case:

Prime Minister John Key, can have as many dinners with Hollywood executives and lobbyists whatever copyright. The fact is that the New Zealand government, which has been acting as a branch of the U.S. government is not above the law.

Something that does not happen according Dotcom in the U.S. after the process has suffered Megaupload:

The U.S. Justice Department has shown a total disregard for the laws that were created to protect Megaupload and its users. Our case demonstrates the lack of respect that the U.S. government has to its own laws and due process.

Dotcom ends talking about the pressure that could come to exercise United States on New Zealand to return to change the “rules”. A space in which not only have a negative effect on innovation but on current government itself:

The New Zealand government may try to draft new legislation to ban services like Mega but that would be the end of cloud storage and online service providers in New Zealand and probably the end of the current government. One thing is certain, the new services as Mega will become a commercial success. This will allow us to better fund the money for the legal defense team that we have and launch the offensive in all countries in which the United States tries to enter. We enforce our legal services work day and night while users can enjoy pioneering and innovative services.

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