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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Mobile |

Download BitTorrent files without worrying android 3g consumption

Download BitTorrent files without worrying android 3g consumption

uTorrent application not only content download popular in desktop systems, but for some months is available on Android , the mobile operating system from Google. Before, we had to make do with other applications that did the work but that definitely was not as simple and elegant as the program at hand.

Since then users have received an update that basically managed bugs and improved performance, although it was not until a few days ago when uTorrent has been updated including a download option only through WiFi networks.

This is very good news, because until then we should make sure not under 3G networks if we did not consume data from our operator. The new option assures us that if we have a WiFi or cut their reach us we will not continue downloading.

Although now downloads support as an option only on WiFi, What if we do not use uTorrent, or want to ensure that our application does not download data when not to, so as not to bring the bill shocks or 3G data quota? Well, there are some tricks.

Formerly, when Internet connections began moving into mobile phones, was more complex enable or disable. Surely all of us have been in the past scares logo to see our old mobile GPRS, and after minutes looking for how to disable the connection, we decided to switch the phone off and on again. Today toggle connection is usually as easy as moving a button in the setup menu.

Assuming that all know turn the data connection, something that Android is done in the Settings menu -> Mobile networks -> Enable data, the best remedy to ensure that applications consume data using BitTorrent Download data is off, and leave only the WiFi connection. If, for example, a drop of our local network, we will be ensuring that the application will not downloading via BitTorrent 3g.

The same applies to other types of data intensive applications. For example, if we use Spotify but only want to stream music over WiFi, simply disable 3g data.

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