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Draw Pad Pro, productivity and drawing on your iPad

Draw Pad Pro, productivity and drawing on your iPad

Thanks to multiple output devices with touch screen, the “fashion” of handwriting has become terminal. While he was gone, never remained possible with Wacom accessories, for example, now renewed with a range of applications such as Evernote , Penultimate in time, paper and more. The iPad, of course, has been spearheading this regard, and today we’ll go over the arrival of the new version of Draw Pad Pro for the same device. With a facelift and several new features, is one of the best options in the market of note taking apps calls.

During the month of December came to the App Store the new version of Draw Pad Pro, completely redesigned. This is an application for taking notes, drawing, and more “by hand”. It is also one of the most competitive we have, with zoom in areas “drawables” annotation on maps, web annotation, 5 themes to customize a version for iPhone, customizable backgrounds for each scorer, and one of the most drawables superstores. This is basically a summary of what you can do Draw Pad Pro

This is a key pad having Draw Pro: personalization. We can choose everything from customizing customizing funds to the scorers, pencils and other drawing instruments. In fact, has 150 types of paper, 20 colors for notebooks and 7 subjects to have a single scorer. Many of your competitors do not have these options: for example, Paper, which is one of the apps that stands out for its sleek design, little room left to the user to print out your personality in the things he does. Beyond the drawings, of course.

As for the types of paper, as we said, 150 different-can be configured on each of the pages in each notebook. For example, in one of the pages graph paper can be used on another and another smooth striped. Depending on the needs we have at the moment. Thus, the Draw Pad Pro goes beyond simple annotation to expand the horizon a little to a complete suite of productivity with the ability to manage projects, something unique in this range of applications. Maybe Evernote, which is not at all similar, may be the only one to compare in a sense.

Another important aspect is the artistry that has the application, without actually being an artist. It may use different types of stroke in 6 different sizes and colors 25. One of the new things you enter is the ability to zoom in and out the screen via touch gestures in order to have better control over the details of the drawing. You can also edit photos, which can be edited in size, and rotation axis. Finally, for those who can not be hand drawing, Draw Pad Pro has a tool path traced and can be used with any image.

If we consider the appearance of the interface, is one of the things that has changed in Draw Pad Pro is very fluid passing ability of pages, very similar to what we see in iBooks, also for the iPad. In this sense it is very intuitive because it keeps the standards uniformly. But one of the most interesting things to note are the brand new social capabilities to share our work. Today, the truth is that any application can save losing this functionality, so it is no surprise that appears. With Draw Pad Pro can send data to Twitter, via email, and can also be printed from the same application using a feature called AirPrint.

The social features also extend to the ability to share pages or entire notebooks through PDF files, uploaded to third party applications with which integration has as Dropbox or GoodReader. Draw Pad Pro can be downloaded only once for both and iPhone, without having to pay an additional price, an interesting detail not often seen in applications Mac devices

The price is not unreasonable, considering the features to which we have access. While other applications are free, such as Paper, do not have the options we have with Draw Pad Pro Its revamped version is available for download for $2, 99 in the App Store for both iPad and iPhone. Developers of Fishington Studios , promise regular updates to keep improving it.

Does our final opinion? Draw Pad Pro Flange us a range of features for productivity and art at an affordable price. Their operation is very stable, and the interface intuitive enough for just installed you are ready to use it. For people who usually take notes on your iPad but who want more advanced features, is an ideal choice. For example, to take notes during a meeting and then share them via email in a PDF file. For artists it is completely valid, offering more advanced options for drawing.

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