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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in News |

Dropbox acquired streaming music service AudioGalaxy

Dropbox acquired streaming music service AudioGalaxy

Dropbox, the popular online storage service, has acquired service AudioGalaxy. All indications are that wants to enter this sector and probably soon launch its own music streaming service based in the cloud.

The company itself AudioGalaxy announced in his blog ‘s purchase of Dropbox but has not provided any details on the amount they paid for the acquisition. But we must go further and note that Dropbox has over 100 million users worldwide, and if he can draw attention to their future service, will surely have a great impact.

Audiogalaxy is a platform that allows you to play streaming music that we have stored in our computer. For now, no one knows how it intends to implement this service Dropbox. Personally, I think it added to Dropbox service to play music on any device or even from the same site. Lately many companies are developing these tools as they have a great demand. Every time we have more devices and we want all of our content synchronized to consume anywhere. In fact, to be staking earlier this month, Microsoft also announced that he wanted to integrate a music player on SkyDrive .

For now, AudioGalaxy has chosen to close the records on its website. In addition, the music charts developed by its users will only be available until year end. So it seems that in 2013 Dropbox unearth its new service.

Right now, in this market niche is highly competitive. Google Music and iCloud are a clear example of two well-established services and backed by the largest companies. Nor can we forget the launch of Amazon Cloud Player in Spain two months ago. If you want to differentiate Dropbox will surprise us with new features to call us care enough to spend at your service.

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