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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Dropbox Chooser, integrating Dropbox in our applications

Dropbox Chooser, integrating Dropbox in our applications

Today we have a wide variety of choices when it comes to keeping our cloud-stored files and thanks to Dropbox , Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive or Cubby has become very easy to have a warehouse for our files, pictures or videos (and made us easy to share resources with our friends). Among them, perhaps is one of the most popular and used by users because, with a little ingenuity, many uses we can give to the storage space offered and, for example, in the field of Development web, Dropbox has a lot to say. With a view to facilitate developers integrating Dropbox in your web applications, this service cloud storage Dropbox just released Chooser , a simple p ermitirá component developers to use Dropbox as a source when uploading a file.

It is not uncommon navigate and run into forms where we attach a photo or upload a document (eg our curriculum) we have stored locally on your computer or on a USB stick. If you are using your computer, the thing is pretty simple, but if we are using a shared computer or another person, we would have to “carry” the files or download from Dropbox for re-upload from the form.

With the idea of simplifying the process, Dropbox Dropbox Chooser developed with the idea that developers use it as an alternative to uploading a file to a web form or application. If the file you have to have it in Dropbox attach no sense to download it so reloading Dropbox team has developed a component that can attach directly link to the file in our personal storage space.

Once we click on the Dropbox Chooser button opens a window for us to validate the service (if they were previously) and displayed our wallets to sail by them and we may select the file to attach.

Dropbox Chooser, integrating Dropbox in our applications image 2

What should we do to use Dropbox Chooser? If we integrate Dropbox in our web applications and offer users the possibility to use, in a comfortable, your files in Dropbox all you have to do is take a look at the documentation available on using Dropbox Choser .

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