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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Software |

Dropbox reaches 100 million users

Dropbox reaches 100 million users

The cloud, O cloud. This concept has become fundamental to all of us in front of a computer every day, and generally for anyone who simply wants to have any files wherever you are without having to carry it. The confidence of users in the cloud computing and storage services and file soncronización on the web continues to grow, and to show a button, Dropbox announced they have reached 100 million users.

A staggering figure, considering that this company, currently valued at no less than about 4 billion dollars, began as a side project by a young man named Drew Houston, who is the current CEO of the company, you the idea to have forgotten your USB at home and under the hassle of not having the needed files that said: “What if you do not need a physical memory to carry my things and documents with me?”. And so was born Dropbox.

100 million users have relied on this platform, a pioneer in its field, which allows not only store your files, but also want to share with whom. Taking a limit of several gigabytes of storage for free or for a modest annual sum for expandability.

The most surprising growth of the user base of this platform is that it has when even giants have started in this world of “the cloud”, as is the case with Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Microsoft with SkyDrive, and yet, keeps growing, perhaps as the favorite in this area. Congratulations to those responsible.

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