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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in News |

Dropbox takes Snapjoy, a photo storage service

Dropbox takes Snapjoy, a photo storage service

is worrying a lot to offer the best possible service to its users. Just a week ago, bought the streaming music platform and today has bought AudioGalaxy Snapjoy, a storage service and viewing in the cloud.

Dropbox is very clear, photography is a very important point which has to focus and today we learned of the acquisition of Snapjoy as its official blog . In the statement, expressing that share a common goal: to provide the best possible user experience. However, unknown details of the agreement between the two parties, as with the purchase of Audiogalaxy.

Snapjoy is a platform that allows you to upload, store and view photos. What is really remarkable is that this is a service platform for use either on the computer, on the phone or tablet. This is a crucial feature that fits perfectly with Dropbox.

How and where to save the pictures? That question we have done all the at least one voice. One of the things that concern us most is losing. Everyone chooses his method, but keep them in the cloud is a very good option that is spreading exponentially. The lower costs of storage allows some companies now offer a lot of space much cheaper.

For now, the records are closed to new users. Meanwhile, existing users will continue to have their photos and may use the sevice with no problem. From Snapjoy communicate that in the coming weeks will reveal more information.

While Dropbox is not yet on the scale of the biggest companies, last month exceeded the figure of 100 million users . Slowly growing and is becoming one of the services cloud storage for excellence. Now it has acquired streaming music service and another photo glimpse its intention to integrate very specific functionality that users want.

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