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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Internet |

Dropbox will increase up to 25 GB space to students

Dropbox will increase up to 25 GB space to students

Dropbox is undoubtedly one of the services more popular among users, and not just because they have a presence on mobile platforms and has a desktop application, but thanks to its (attracting new users, client install Android on an HTC device or a beta test of its customers) can get additional storage space (which never hurts). Following this path, today announced a new way to get extra space in our bills and make them grow up to 25 GB for free for two years by “The great space race” , a promotion aimed at students.

The great space race! (Or Space Race) is a simple competition in which students (and teachers) of all institutions and schools around the world compete to be the state with the highest number of users of Dropbox and, as they grow, will increase the user space. The promotion starts today October 15 and will run until December 10 and, in order to participate, users must register with an email account whose domain is associated with the educational institution at which pertecen (student mail the university, the department email that owns a teacher, etc) with the idea that Dropbox can go tallying.

Just for registered users get 3 GB of starting and, from there, you will gain points that will accumulate in the overall score of the school or college (1 point for installing the desktop client, 2 points for review the tutorial and bonus points for inviting other classmates or school). Dropbox assigned to each school three points thresholds to be overcome and which will add 5 GB, 7 GB and 10 GB respectively (adding up to 25 GB total).

Dropbox will increase up to 25 GB space to students image 2

The initiative does not sound bad and is an interesting way of introducing Dropbox within the educational field, positioning itself as “reference implementation” between students and teachers, facilitating file sharing and collaborative work. Curiously, the ranking of states with the highest number of points is led by MIT, followed by the National University of Singapore and the Technical University of Lisbon, it is amazing how many people have moved in just hours leading active promotion.

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