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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Internet |

Dropproxy, a file sharing service preserving our identity

Dropproxy, a file sharing service preserving our identity

Dropbox has become one of the most popular services in the cloud storage thanks to the high degree of penetration that found among users. The agreements with handset manufacturers (like HTC) or prize to the winning of other users, it is not difficult to increase the 2 GB that we offer as a starting point and increase the space to have enough room to store our backups or share files with friends. Thanks to public links with can share files or folders so in a very simple but, within the shared url, user information appears to share (its numeric identifier) and, in some cases can be well preserved our identity and act more anonymous.

One of the most common ways to preserve the anonymity is to use a proxy, ie an intermediate server that we use to take a call or send a file. To Dropbox can also find a service called Dropproxy with which we hide our tracks a little time to share specific files or our personal space on Dropbox.

The usage is simple since only have two options: either introduce our numerical identifier user to place the proxy to hide our position the user or proxy to obfuscate the url of a particular file. Hide? Trail? Obfuscate? Url? Yes, in both cases, we provide a url that we share for the use and users have no knowledge of our account ID (since there will be no redirects as happens with urls arcortador, the proxy server will take care of intermediate gateway).

The idea, in my point of view, it is quite interesting and can help us use Dropbox as a file repository that can then be used on our blog or on our website without compromising data identifying the user’s account.

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