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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Internet |

Easily find pages similar to those that are visiting

Easily find pages similar to those that are visiting

Thanks to the links that enrich the websites you visit can learn new things, go to our collection of new links reference sites or find websites with content similar to what we usually read. Through search engines can also find information and discover new pages, for example, add to the list of feeds on our Reader , but in this case, if we find good content will rely on our acuity driving the search. Another way to locate web pages that use search engines but does not require us to be experts on the subject: Websites like.

Similar websites? By its name, about all we can get an idea of what this concept; r onduct search websites whose subject or content is similar to another page, specifically, the page you are visiting. To perform this type of search, the simplest is to use Google services (and its powerful search engine) or specialized services like Sites Similar but in both cases, we can simplify the whole process thanks to the extensions.

If we use Google Chrome have at our disposal the extension Google Similar Pages that while in beta, we can jump to other websites whose subject matches the one we are visiting. The operation, as we can imagine, is quite simple because, as we sail, all you have to do is click on the icon of the extension and, immediately afterwards, a small window in which we see some pages like Google suggested by we are currently visiting.

Similar Sites is another altenativa that, besides being available for Chrome is available as a Firefox extension . The operation is basically identical to the service offered by Google but is unique in that the number of suggestions listed is 9, therefore the range of pages you can jump is somewhat broader.

In both cases, the suggestions listed, besides being a link, be accompanied by a thumbnail (preview) of the website to visit and a brief description of the website (with the idea that we can provide some context and evaluate what we want to jump website).

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