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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Easily integrate Dropbox into your web forms

Easily integrate Dropbox into your web forms

A number of the websites we visit daily contain forms that serve to bridge the gap between site administrators and visitors (contact forms) are used in registration process, or even to make a formal request (for example, an application). Considering the surrounding spam, using such processes to one email account and is something not recommended with this idea, addressing the construction of a form does not have to be complicated , but the form requires a user to attach files.

If we feel the need to create a form that also require users to attach a file, it is logical to think that all these attachments are stored on the server on which the website but stayed on many occasions, something not possible (eg because we use a service like Blogger bounded). In these cases, services like Dropbox we can help out and serve, transparently, and store all these documents.

If we want to have as Dropbox storage for attachments in a form, one of the tools that we shuffle is JotForm that, as I said my companion Barbara , offers the ability to create Web Line without having to program in HTML.

Within this service, where we can find templates and a visual editor, once we have designed our form, one of the resource to add will be a field for sending attachments (a feature that we find in the library of options of JotForm). After adding this functionality, enchando a look at the form properties can enable the option “Send to Dropbox Uploads” that mark after (and validarnos in Dropbox) Form linked with our storage space in the cloud.

From there, the only thing that remains is to insert the form on our website by the code you provide and wait for users to use the tool you’ve enabled.

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