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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Mobile |

Easy Cache Cleaner: Keep clean the cache of your Android terminal

Easy Cache Cleaner: Keep clean the cache of your Android terminal

Mobile devices are becoming more weight in our daily activities, we use them to check email from work, our personal mail and, of course, multiple applications installed on them to exchange messages, review our timeline on Twitter or take a look at share what our friends on Facebook. The number of applications that we can get to install on a mobile device is increasing and, logically, it is important to spend time on tasks that keep our device always ready to offer the best possible performance. In the case of using an device, in Google Play , we find applications that help us in this task, such as Easy Cache Cleaner is a program with which we can keep the clean our terminal.

Optimal management of the resources of our terminal, plus spare battery (or wireless interfaces controlling the brightness of the screen) can contribute to a better terminal performance (in terms of speed and responsiveness), providing a better user experience. Precisely control the application cache (or rather erasing) will help us remove files that, by the very use of the applications are stored on your phone memory (in the same way as we sail with our team desktop files are generated in the browser cache).

Easy Cache Cleaner is an application that facilitates the deletion of these files without deleting them we have to go as per application shows a list ordered from highest to lowest occupied size where we can remove all these files or do so selectively (application concrete).

Thanks to this application, this type of maintenance are pretty simple and, considering that you can set reminders, delete the cache should not resultarnos a chore that also will be to our advantage.

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