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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Internet |

EasyDrop facilitates access to Dropbox from Chrome

EasyDrop facilitates access to Dropbox from Chrome

Services cloud storage like Dropbox are becoming increasingly popular because they allow users to share files, have them always available (from any device or location) or use this space to make a backup of the files and documents they feel are important (using the store as a destination for your backups). For Dropbox, including agreements with manufacturers of mobile devices and their promotions (eg rewarding attracting new users) we grow our storage space and gain enough flexibility to use the service , factors that make that interests us access to our wallets is something quick and simple.

While it is common to have the desktop client installed on our team (as well as applications for mobile devices in our smartphones and tablets), it may happen that we can not install it (eg on the computer use at work ) and our only access is through the browser. For these cases, extensions can help us out and get something easier access to our folders and, in the case of using Google Chrome, you can also install an application , we use the extension EasyDrop .

What gives us the extension EasyDrop ? This extension (which like most extension summon an icon in the upper right corner of the interface, right next to the address bar) offers direct access to Dropbox at any time, ie clicking on the icon a window with all our folder structure from which we can get links to each of them, double click and access your content, use a search engine and also can switch the view to the “desktop version” ie switching to the Dropbox website itself. Once inside the Dropbox website can navigate inside the folders, view files or preview images to the web viewer.

The extension is not bad for quick access to Dropbox in the case of not having installed the desktop client and do it comfortably with a simple click on the extension icon.

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