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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Ed Sheeran is content with being the most downloaded artist in the UK

Ed Sheeran is content with being the most downloaded artist in the UK

The firm has published Musicmetric Digital Music Index , a report that seeks to better understand the habits of users download from the web. For this analysis, monitoring made to identify which countries are most downloaded “illegal”-that is, file sharing, no online shopping. For this, BitTorrent supervised activity and found a couple of interesting findings.

On the list of countries, the U.S. is ahead with 96.7 million downloads. It follows the United Kingdom (43.4), Italy (33.2), Canada (24) and Brasi l (19.7). Rounding out the top 10 Australia, Spain, India and the Philippines. In the case of the UK, the study was more extensive, showing that Manchester is the city with the most downloads in this country, followed by Nottingham and Southampon.

Beyond the statistics, the UK figures give us another perspective. His most downloaded artist is Ed Sheeran , a musician and composer of 21 years, whose discharges are around eight million albums. In contrast, Sheeran has sold 1.2 million albums. Any other player would consider that downloads are removing profits, but English is much smarter. In fact, he is happy to share his music so much.

Why? Simple; Sheeran understand three important aspects:

  1. A discharge does not necessarily mean a lost sale. As noted at some point a study by the London School of Economics, usually no intent to purchase the music at low Internet. That eight million people downloaded their material does not mean that eight million publicize your music stopped.
  2. Downloads are the best advertising. If we assume that a high percentage of people who downloaded music Sheeran did not know or had no intention of buying their albums, the artist wins. Does not need expensive promotional campaigns: just let people share what you like without restrictions.
  3. Sheeran understand that you can profit from discharges into another business model. For the artist, people who lose their music are potential attendees of his concerts and presentations. The musician said that while his album costs eight pounds, tickets cost 18. The same model balances things for the singer.

I wish there were more artists who think like Sheeran, who understood that downloads should not be demonized. By contrast, the English artist has managed to flip the model to make it profitable, understanding that his job gives him the right to live on their talent, not necessarily to become a millionaire overnight. If only the industry saw it the same way again …