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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Internet |

Edit This Cookie, an extension to control cookies in Chrome

Edit This Cookie, an extension to control cookies in Chrome

Some time ago, we spent a few minutes talking about the cookies , which have nothing to do with and candy is a trace to be stored on a hard drive and then may be requested by the servers that connect, for example, that they “remember” to keep the session open, the track we visit and segment users who visit a particular website. All this information sometimes is not liked by users because it is also used to target advertising we see when we surf the web. With a view to better control what information you provide to third parties, we can find a Extension called Edit This Cookie that is worth trying.

Edit This Cookie is an extension for Google Chrome with which we can exert more control over cookies generated by our navigation. More control cookies does not mean you are a type of malware or anything, just that it is always nice to control what information is collected from us and who may be collected.

This extension can manage cookies generated during our navigation using Google Chrome and therefore, we can add, delete, delete or modify cookies addition to search among them have, block (avoid creating) or put them in so “read only”. All these features are accessible from the top right corner of Chrome, ie, where there are all extensions icons (right next to the search bar, the Omnibox).

While there is much myth behind cookies and always painted as a bad thing, this kind of profit is something every user should have and use frequently, in fact, in the case of working with web applications, we can help eliminate open sessions and, for example, save the odd restart the browser.

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