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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet, Mobile |

Edit your favorite songs to use as a ringtone on the cell

Edit your favorite songs to use as a ringtone on the cell

Several years ago, the arrival of mobile phones polyphonic and later the arrival of digital audio in MP3 format made worldwide was launched to change his to that of, for example, your favorite movie, song fashion, and the like. In fact companies saw a new business opportunity selling these tones and still are many services that offer to download them.

Although we conformábamos discerning with the quality of these tones, or perhaps thought they were not enough to have a personal mobile phone: It was better to edit at will, give the appropriate volume and pitch and select the exact cut For example, our favorite song. And now those opportunities not only still there but are enhanced by the growing popularity of cloud services.

Then we will see step by step how to download, edit and introduce our new shades in the smartphone we use.

Downloading themes

The first thing is to get us to our favorite subject, or the sound we want to introduce in our mobile device. There are many different contents and also many ways to download. If for example you want a song, we search our MP3 music library. IF we do not have the item, you can always resort to YouTube . There are almost all the issues that we want as fans as we have gone, or even its record to have made available to users.

Another option is to let us with a sound, such as a video game. How do we do it? Well, this is more complicated, but recently talked about how to get any sound played on Windows . I recommend you to take a look at the article, because in many cases it can be really useful.

Sound Editing

One of the easiest ways to edit our music files is the naming in the last tutorial. To record any Windows sound we only need to adjust the system for it and then have a sound recorder, and perhaps the most affordable is GoldWave , of which we have spoken above.

GoldWave is a very powerful yet simple that we can use for free and whose four basic options when editing a tone are:

  • Fade-in
  • Fade-out
  • Change the volume
  • Trim

The first two are obvious: You might want only our only choice in that song that we like, but unedited cut beginning and end may be somewhat abrupt. Fade-in allows us to fade, go up the volume from 0 smoothing and tone input. The same goes for the fade-out, fade-out.

Now we can change the volume, if necessary. In the editor you can see the spectrum of sound and how sound is this. If we use the tone as a ring tone, you may want to give a little more volume (in addition to adjust the cell) in order to hear better. Change volume can help.

Finally, Trim, which at a stroke remove the remains of the sound that we want once we have made the selection, deleting the ends.

Shipping to the cloud and download

As said earlier, the cloud services are now more popular than ever, and also to use them to communicate among other things, see pictures or storage, we can also use them as a link. Nexo, ie the intermediate point at which we connect from our devices. In this case, the computer where we created our tone, and the mobile device where we will use it.

In 2011 there were many new and good services that can serve storage for this, but to put the best known example, speak of Dropbox.

Simply install Dropbox on your computer and also on our device, either iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Later we will raise our new pitch, and unload it from the device, automatically taking our favorite sound ready for use.

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