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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet, Multimedia |

Editing video directly from Google Drive

Editing video directly from Google Drive

Video editing directly in the browser, and direct access to the cloud? Pixorial Video is a service, with Chrome application for that allows us to do this and much more. Primarily intended as a video editor in the cloud, recently incorporated the possibility of using it directly with our Google account, allowing literally edit any of the videos we have hosted on Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) with a few clicks.

To do this we must first read permissions to the account linking, which is as easy as we want to select the event that we have several. Once this is done and we are not only limited to the videos we have in Pixorial, but the library will also be accessible Drive.

What we can do Pixorial? For a high range of things given that this is a free service and focused on domestic use. Add background music, create mixes and play titles and transitions are the options with greater prominence. Are automatically becoming your browser into an intuitive tool for editing home videos, ideal for holidays, birthdays or any kind of celebration.

Once edited, we can share videos on social networking sites or even create postcards and DVDs to burn later. It is therefore of a very to take into account, and proof that the future is on the web, even when it comes to utilities that were previously only available on desktop systems.

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