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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Internet |

Email Security Plus, an extension to combat spam in Thunderbird

Email Security Plus, an extension to combat spam in Thunderbird

Yesterday we spend a few minutes talking about one of the best clients free software that can find, Thunderbird , and the flexibility to offer their extensions with which we can complement the functionality of this application, for example, enhance aspects safety . Be cautious using common sense and looking good the messages we receive by the establishment of a series of measures that will help protect against malware, malicious post or phishing attempts can spare us the odd disappointment at home or in our work.

While today it is normal for many corporate mail services come with spam filters, there are times when an email is so exposed that some filters fall short and continue to fill our mailboxes are not deaseados post. With the idea of strengthening our mailbox to avoid these messages, we can strengthen (and our email provider) with an extension that will provide a further line of defense against spam : Email Security Plus .

Email Security Plus is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird that will offer several tools that we may dispose of unwanted messages since added to our email client additional mechanisms to filter these messages, we can give some feedback to improve performance the filters or even more radical measures such as the creation of a blacklist of senders or domains origin (whose messages are sent directly to the trash).

Those using Thunderbird surely know that the customer includes an anti-spam mechanism by default and, in fact, this extension is using it but also implements some learning rules for the Bayesian filter in Thunderbird is included to make it more effective (and so it started from the beginning without us being us who have to train from the beginning). Furthermore, we can see the messages you’ve removed punctuation mail after making analysis to discern whether it is spam or not, a really quite interesting to get feedback from the operation (or contact any company of which receive emails and marked out fraudulent after analysis).

A worthwhile extension installed from the first moment I started using Thunderbird.

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