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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Enable or disable USB storage with one click

Enable or disable USB storage with one click

The Universal Serial Bus, better known-for-all as , is a type of connection born many years ago, back in the early 90s, they say has managed to bring the regularization of cables and connections for all types of devices and uses. Thanks to this standard can recharge any mobile phone currently apart-Apple devices or enjoy content in units that we can share with anyone.

As the years have passed USB has been imposed and updating, and for example today is normal meeting new computers have USB 3 connection, which translates into a higher speed transfer one of its uses Star : Storing files.

So whenever it is a technology we have been very conscious Bitelia, and we can not recommend you apps as LiveUSB Install , which allows us to create bootable drives to install Linux, or USB Manager , which allows us to manage all our USB devices easily.

Today we add a new entry to the list of USB speakers to offer an application that allows you to enable or disable the storage units easily and with a single click. His name is Phrozen Safe USB , and covers a wide range of needs, which may include the following:

  • Blocking load units to prevent content
  • Application of our PC security to prevent viruses and other malware
  • Write-protect our units to avoid deleting important data

As I said, the philosophy is Safe Phrozen us a versatile utility but mostly simple. Fully portable (but first we have to install it), the run we found a box with three options under the label “USB Status”. Refer to options to enable or disable the devices:

  • USB fully operational
  • USB read-only
  • USB completely disabled

And there is more, except the possibility of starting the application with Windows, something recommended if you want to apply our preferences to others using our computer or even if we have it on hand for the reasons specified above.

What is missing? The ability to choose the device in question, although we must say that the developers here had a little difficult. Microsoft Windows is responsible for assigning a different ID to each of the connected devices, so it would be quite difficult to get X device that have never played in the machine is recognized by the application.

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