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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Windows |

Encrypting files and folders in Windows 8

Encrypting files and folders in Windows 8

Because every time we give them more and use today is rare that someone does not provide one, the security on personal computers is something we should always take care, especially if those PCs are actually public or share them with others.

We are all aware of emerging news about hackers stealing videos, photographs, or even most important information not only can affect one personally, but worse. Therefore, and especially if it is sensitive content, it is recommended to encode our files.

In Bitelia have always given special treatment coding and other security measures. For example, last month we gave you some guidelines to encrypt files on Windows and Mac , and even mentioned not many novelties.

Today, however, we talk about how to encrypt our files Windows 8 easily and efficiently. In fact, it is as simple as in Windows XP.

Just open Windows Explorer and head to these special files you want to encrypt. Once selected, for example, the My Documents folder – go to its properties by clicking the context menu item.

In the general tab will access the advanced options, where activate encryption by selecting the Encrypt contents for security check. Accepting we securizando our data, and depending on whether it is a folder or not we specify the level of scope, and if it also affects the possible subdirectories containing the route.

The feature used is the least that we should use to our content, and I recommend using one of the tools that we have recommended, and that of course also be used in Windows 8, Microsoft’s new operating system.

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