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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Social Networks |, monitors all your conversations on various platforms, monitors all your conversations on various platforms

On several occasions, when we talk about the topic of social networking, we say that one of our top goals is to improve engagement with our users and customers. When we talk about engagement, we mean that we have to understand a passive audience, and we have to talk and be open minded to the proposals that we are getting from our users. To measure this engagement, we have several tools, but one of the most interesting we discovered recently is .

The best thing about Engagio is allowing us to monitor conversations in a lot of social networks, making it a dashboard tool to create stunning reports and analysis of a community, which, as we know, are a fundamental part of our work. With Engagio have not only the most popular networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube, but we can also have access to Disqus, AngelList, WordPress, Tumblr, StackExchange, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Contacts and more.

Engagio works with what its developers call an Engagement Stream, where all conversations are concentrated. In this stream we follow certain users to know what are the most relevant topics, among other things. These users can follow or unfollow at any time, which is ideal if you’re only working on a particular project. On the other hand, we can also follow Engagio users themselves, and get in touch through a messaging system. This is very interesting for teamwork, for example.

Moreover, a good administrator Engagio social networking. Hence, its name. What we need is a way to be on top of all the conversations that are happening in our networks, in one place, and the service we can give. Engagio can continue conversations with other users of the same platform-not of the social network that we have started, synchronized and start them ourselves. But the most interesting aspect is its powerful discovery functionality, which allows us to look at all of these platforms the particular issue that we need.

We can also make updates to the major social networks and answer queries and mentions that we have done, which is also a must for a service of this kind. And also we can use if we have other services to manage our accounts, as a notification system for when we have to respond in a particular social network. Currently there is also a mobile application, although it is in beta, which allows us to follow conversations even when we are moving.

Using this application is very simple and we just have to be clear about what the topic you want to search. I think a bit limited ourselves having to interact with other users of the service, but if we take advantage of this functionality, we can do this by creating some kind of messaging system to coordinate a team project. On the other hand, is not the best social networking administrator-Free also have other alternatives, they do their work with a nicer interface, for example.

But that is a viable option when looking for topics for content creation, and seek references for creating reports and analysis, as we said a few lines. Your notification system also allows us to be always aware of what are the things that are being said in our communities, which is the “feeling”, so to speak, and how we can take advantage of us from the side of management social networks.

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