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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in News |

Eric Schmidt says Android already beat the iPhone

Eric Schmidt says Android already beat the iPhone

The current CEO of Google, and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has made some statements more interesting in his recent interview with the medium Bloomberg leading the battle in the mobile device its own platform against the Apple. And is that in the words of Eric Schmidt: “The war against over and Android already won.”

And is that Schmidt has very good reasons to think this way, and shout it to the world if you want, because Android currently commands a 70% market share, an impressive achievement from this platform that just started to become popular in 2009, two years later than the iPhone and many more platforms like Symbian and BlackBerry, but quickly left them all behind, thanks to the strategy that intelligently implemented the Mountain View.

Google as the Microsoft of the 90s

of Google strategy compares with Android with Microsoft that a successful fighting Apple in the PC market in the late 80s and early 90s, where Microsoft clearly after years became the leader leaving all Macs with a small fee. How was this possible? The answer is simple: By licensing Windows.

This is what has made Android so successful in the market, and support from many manufacturers. And is that (although it has its distinct disadvantages), the fact that anyone can use Android has constantly appearing new models and new manufacturers betting on this platform, and if we consider that Google does not charge for Android license, unlike Microsoft for Windows, as this has made the expansion is much greater and accelerated.

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A Google simply no interest charge for Android, as their earnings do not come directly from the platform. Yes, the Mountain View are left with a considerable portion of the sale of applications in Google Play (on this more later), but net profit is coming from advertising, so while there are more Android devices in the world the more money you receive. It’s that simple.

This is the main reason that Google offers Android to anyone who wants to use it as a platform, in fact, this is also a reason that the new Nexus 4 is so affordable . Schmidt feels calm, feel your decision when heading Google but have not been successful, and therefore presumed. Unfortunately, if we look to “win” as such, goes beyond the sales that have the platform, because it still has a lot of growing.

Android wins no support

The President of Google has to face a very clear reality, much as there is a great domain by Android market (speaking of shares), the stand on this platform is simply appalling. With the exception of the Nexus family, whose terminals to Google directly responsible for it have support and updates fast, secure Android devices of any brand updates are practically nil, and that is that Samsung, LG, HTC or even Motorola ( Goolgle that is!) take a long time to update the version of the operating system on their phones, if indeed they do.

This produces discontent in the user community. Many of us have a Android smartphone and read about the presentation of a new version of the operating system, and then turn our gaze to our LG Optimus or Samsung Galaxy and think “someday within months will I … I hope. If Google does not solve this great failure, discontent in the community will gradually causing them problems

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But there is another big point to take into consideration, applications. Although Google Play Store boasts more than 500,000 applications of all types, there is a serious problem with virtual store, and is that the control measures with respect to the published applications are virtually nil.

This is unfortunate, and results in an absurd amount of trash applications, including in the top of the most installed or popular, something mentioned on our site, where the editor says :

“To publish to Google Play only need a developer license that is purchased with a single payment for life of $ 25. Following this, you can start sending applications to the store which is published almost immediately, virtually without any application. Moreover, considering that most apps are free, the developers choose this business model and incorporate advertising into their applications, something that benefits Google.

And I could not agree more.

Google prefers that applications are free and advertising because Google makes money from these ads. That is why a very strong opponent threatens search as arrange to mobile devices, and this is Amazon . This kind of thing does not exist in App Store, the app store for iOS, and Windows Phone Marketplace, the store for Windows Phone 8, so even Android dominates today, should be very careful with this as cleaner and ecosystems WP8 care like iOS and undoubtedly attract more developers and hence Android users may be tempted to change.

Google wants to improve its strategy

Returning to the words of Schmidt, another phrase that called my attention, and this is when he says that: “According to analysts, the dominance of Android will last only until 2016 or 2017.” And this is true, many experts have said that Google’s current strategy with its mobile platform will serve only for about 5 years, and that is why the executive wants to improve the security of the operating system in full swing, and bet by federal agencies as their next public.

But for now Google can be calm and happy with your SO, because at least Android sales numbers and if the iPhone is winning, and the ridiculous amount of 1.3 million devices activated each day with this operating system, is proof of that.

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