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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Errors companies LinkedIn

Errors companies LinkedIn

We always try to tell you interesting things to do on LinkedIn, a social network, in my opinion, not so well exploited by the world. Many people are too involved in LinkedIn, which is a shame because they could find many interesting things. While we have told you before about how sharing interesting content and how to manage our contacts properly, today we will focus on a new look for LinkedIn, the business profile.

The pages of companies, managed by the same companies, are relatively new to the world of LinkedIn. This does not mean that we have to approach the concept with the same ideas that we may have to handle a Facebook account or Twitter. Nothing farther. If we use these two social networks for reference, most likely end up making mistakes that we made important as companies look bad.

I would like to review first some details of a business page:

  • They can only be created by a company employee, who is currently working there and registered in his profile.
  • The person creating the profile company must also have an email account proven company that wants to create the profile.
  • You can not have an empty account: you must have completed more than 50 percent of the profile, and also have multiple contacts.
  • An important resource to properly manage a page LinkedIn Company is the support page . We encourage you to read it carefully before venturing to a new page, especially if the name of the company is at stake.

But once we are clear what the rules of LinkedIn (maybe we can do another post with this subject) we start managing our profile, understanding differences again. LinkedIn is a professional network, and as such must be handled with a certain professionalism. We have to have a qualified person handling it, and maybe it would be ideal to be a member of our Human Resources department instead of a Community Manager.

What are the worst mistakes that can be made, as a company, on LinkedIn?

While not complete your information

If you are a company, this is basic to any social network in which we participate. Have complete information not only optimizes the positioning us but also gives a more professional image. So we have to stop building our profile in the hands of at least one person who is a frequent user of LinkedIn.

Another thing that must be present in our profile is our contact information, essential for people who want to send an email to do so. For the time and fortunately for those who do not enjoy the spam pages companies can not send messages, so the maintenance should be minimal. If we take a few minutes to complete not only the required information but also the staff, we can reap the benefits.

Having misspellings

We will never be able to escape from human error, but at least we can be careful not commit. The number of companies and company representatives who can barely spell LinkedIn is impressive. And if we send job offers through our representatives, then we need to ensure that a particular message is sent, but professional.

This is easily fixed, with a responsible person in charge of the network, and perhaps creating personalized messages where there is no space for error. Of course, anything can happen, but better to have all the bases covered.

Customize your profile

LinkedIn offers limited customization options for profiles of companies, but that does not mean we have to use them. Within the same line of advice to keep our information well completed, native to seize these options give a different touch to our website, and differentiate it from the rest.

Find interesting candidates

A presence on LinkedIn means access to thousands of potential new employees who can add value to our company. We need to know how to contact them. So not only have to have responsible people in charge of our LinkedIn, but have to be heavy users themselves. Business pages do not allow us to send messages, but we can have people send messages on our behalf.

For this, some tips (based on my experience receiving messages, which should serve to interest potential candidates):

  • Let us be specific: we can talk about the history of the brand or company then try to save lines to enable the person to read the proposal quickly from your mail.
  • No talk of numbers: leave room to negotiate and do not lose the interest of the person from the beginning with a number other than the salary you are looking for.
  • Do not be mysterious: no need to say “senior looking” if when a person enters the profile of our representative see where you work.
  • Let’s fast: stop waiting for days for a response to a bid is not good for the company, and certainly will lose interest to a person who is not desperate for the job.

Today, many job offers are sent through LinkedIn, so we can also take advantage of the functionality of JobPosting to discuss the nominations we expect.

No sync your other social networks

Another time we talked about that damn habit of sync , for example, Facebook and Twitter. Another of the great evils of this synchronization is what allows us to synchronize our updates on Twitter or Facebook on LinkedIn. Please do not do it. It may seem a good idea at the time, but not really necessary. If we want to have proper content, we have original ideas.