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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Europe definitely rejects ACTA

Europe definitely rejects ACTA

Finally Europe rejects ACTA permanently, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement will not be proposed in Europe after the European Commission launched a court’s recommendation of Justice intended to establish the legality of the agreement. MPs had already rejected the proposal in July this year with the main argument of the opposition demonstrations of the population, the nature of the treaty making behind closed doors, leaks and drafts of the treaty criminalizing citizens to use copyrighted content.

Having rejected the agreement, there were more attempts to revive negotiations on the European continent, Karel De Gucht, Trade Commissioner, assured that he would work until the treaty enters into force, however, this will not be possible because the commission made clear its final verdict over MEP David Martin.

The can not be part of an agreement without ratification of the European Parliament, MEPs overwhelmingly rejected in July and I am pleased that the Commission has recognized that it is the end of the road for ACTA in the EU through the Parliament.

The outlook for ACTA outside the United States becomes dark, so far Japan is the only country that has ensured their participation completely ratifying the treaty, leaving the EU still need to ratify 6 countries, reported that the Australian government is planning to cancel their participation in countries like Mexico underwent pre approval from the federal government completely ignoring the decision to stop the treaty from the Senate. Although it is great news to ACTA in the EU, we know that members of the industry still “struggling” to stop piracy and violating the net neutrality.

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