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Europe developed legal framework to prevent blockages such as MasterCard to WikiLeaks

Europe developed legal framework to prevent blockages such as MasterCard to WikiLeaks

It has been almost two years since the website did is known worldwide for publishing confidential documents of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and a number of communications from the State Department and U.S. embassies worldwide. We all know that after the publication of the documents, WikiLeaks went quite vicissitudes between blocking Amazon and financial asphyxia caused by blockage of PayPal, and Visa who got cut, root, entry to the organization funding . Indeed, the blockade of and MasterCard (operating as financial institutions) caused the denounce WikiLeaks to the European Commission for abusing its dominant position and customer discrimination, a fact that year and a half later has led to Parliament work in a European legal framework that protects customers from any financial institution operating in Europe that they exercise, subjectively, the right to reject or block clients operations.

Visa and MasterCard occupy a privileged position in that control much of the economic transactions that take place around the world and, of course, these private entities reserve the right to stop providing the service if they see fit, just as hiciero with WikiLeaks. With the idea of eliminating subjectivity in this type of action, the European is working on the establishment of a legal framework to clarify and, above all, dowry of homogeneity, such decisions, a job that would not have been possible without the efforts precisely this reform has led after seeing what happened with the WikiLeaks case.

The European Parliament’s idea is to limit the right to refuse customers who reserve financial institutions and, in some cases, leads to extremely surreal situations in which, for example, an entity refuses Swedish companies with operations scheduled activities for banks as “questionable” as selling adult material but which, however, have no problem working with large corporations that have causes and processes of research opened up by working, for example, governments that have committed crimes or genocide.

These have served as the basis for an extensive study that will lead to a legal framework that prevents starups operating in the network or any organization see how they cut their funding sources for unclear reasons or excuses that have nothing to do with an activity illegal or prohibited. Parliament certainly has taken a major step to protect the activity of many companies and organizations but, logically, the intention is not sufficient and the legal framework must be written and approved in parliament and hopefully get to fruition and our MEPs bet without hesitation for transparency in the management of payments through credit and payments through the network.

Christan Engstrom , Pirate Party MEP and promoter of these proceedings, said it is unacceptable that private corporations have the power to stop, for example, freedom of expression through financial strangulation:

It is unreasonable for Visa, MasterCard and PayPal to cut the network operations of Swedish entrepreneurs engaged in selling poruqe horror movies or sex toys and financial institutions are frightened with fundamentalism of American morality. [...] Another example is the case of blocking of Visa, MasterCard and Paypal to WikiLeaks. This case occurred without any legal framework and will be remembered for how the three companies collaborated in helping the U.S. government to silence voices that did not suit. It is unacceptable that private companies have the power to silence free speech

Hopefully this legal framework to a successful conclusion but, surely, the financial institutions will be responsible for press (at all levels) to its dominant position not see tambaleada.

Picture: ABC News

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