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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Internet, Present |

Europe made a mock against their networks cibertaque

Europe made a mock against their networks cibertaque

Over the past year, the activity of Anonymous or LulzSec left evidence of safety of public and private organizations throughout the world and examples such as falling PlayStation Network (with the resulting data theft) have highlighted the vulnerabilities of many systems information. Considering that cyber attacks are already used in military operations, espionage and destabilization, the protection of critical infrastructure has become a priority for many governments (which have even created organizations specializing in this field). Most European countries have specialized working groups on security and infrastructure systems of their countries but within the European Union within the ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) is working on the coordination of the various countries to define common security policies, information sharing and, above all, collaboration.

The result of this effort to create a common strategy in today 300 experts from 25 European countries are conducting a simulation of a large-scale DDoS attack with which to implement action protocols and defense and the different mechanisms for collaboration between countries and alert.

These cyber defense maneuvers, called Cyber Europe 2012, and was first held in 2010 with great success and again two years later in a scenario in which cyber security has become a major priority of the political agenda European countries. The aim of this edition is threefold since, in addition to testing the contingency arrangements and cooperation, also will test the mechanisms of public-private partnership (with the participation of financial institutions, private companies and operators) and, as is often usual in any simulation, draw conclusions and lessons learned that identify gaps and areas for improvement.

Europe made a mock against their networks cibertaque image 2

And what will the “war game” to develop? The proof that they are facing is that of a large-scale DDoS attack affecting critical infrastructure of the 25 participating countries, in a sort of wave of attacks (about 1,000 simulated incidents) that seeks to overthrow the basic services European citizens. The idea is that public and private entities in each country are able to cooperate to avoid the attack and tackle the situation but also public bodies should work with their counterparts to work in teams.

If an attack occurs could really cause major disruptions to millions of European citizens and businesses and causing millions of dollars in damage to the economy of the European Union

Given that more and more news of attacks, data theft and industrial espionage, establish a common framework for action and cooperation to this type of threat is a pretty important detail, though, as long as they put into practice lessons learned and rectify the shortcomings or failures to appear.

Images: ENISA



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