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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Internet, Present |

Europe would force the companies to report in case of cyber attack

Europe would force the companies to report in case of cyber attack

Cyber attacks are real worries, for some time, companies and governments around the world have seen entities attacks Anonymous or LulzSec have been able to extract information or decommissioning of systems like Sony PlayStation Network or the website of the very. Normally, these incidents known some time after they have happened and, unless involving exposure data from many users, companies and governments tend to keep the lid on until you address and resolve issue or, if possible, not communicate what ever. With the aim to better understand what happens in the territory of the European Union, and better respond to security threats, the could force companies and governments to report any type of cyberattack that detected in their facilities.

Following the maxim that “unity is strength”, the EU is working together with the Member States in a common security strategy, for example, has led them to make joint cibermaniobras test in which communication mechanisms, detection, response and collaboration among organizations and, of course, if companies do not report what is happening is difficult to assess risks or if, for example, we have a large-scale attack against the banking sector.

The idea, basically, is not new and follows the path that has opened the German government that seeks precisely to establish a legal framework that requires firms to disclose such incidents instead resolve on their own or communicated several months later (and here too governments often fall into the same practice ). In any case, the European Commission seems to gradually progress in this area since, by now, have focused on regular (with a draft Directive) which focuses on operators and ISPs. As is the case in Germany (who also works in this direction), operators are a key part of this value chain and, therefore, it is estimated that must do their part in securing their networks to ensure the confidentiality of communications and, most importantly, availability of services.

The European Commission plans to have drawn common cybersecurity strategy before the end of the year, or at least that’s what I commented Neelie Kroes, Commissioner for the European Digital Agenda, a German newspaper , which also aims to draw a European strategy the adoption of cloud computing that relies on security (to reassure users) and enable government build on its strength in this time of budget cuts.

Many companies and government agencies that handle personal data of its users (bank details, addresses, phone numbers, medical records, etc.), therefore, before the security incident concerned, ie, the user should be able to find out what Time has passed and shapes and, in addition, that the authorities could lead to these officially acted to bad business practices custodians of data.

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