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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Mobile |

EverClip: easily capture information and send it to Evernote iOS

On Friday in San Francisco held the second edition of the Evernote Trunk Conference , an event that revolved around Evernote , Productivity and the community of developers and users of this popular cloud service. In addition to announcing some new , during the event, developers (who use APIs) also gained prominence and presented the finalists of Evernote DevCup that, today, there are now products that can be found as complementary applications Evernote. Among these applications, the winner turned out to be EverClip , an iOS app that can help a lot to keep a bit of information while navigating or revise documents from your iPhone or iPad and keep us all information that we always find neat.

What is EverClip ? is an application for devices that provides users with the task of collecting and storing the information they find while driving from their mobile devices. In other words, with this application (which incidentally won the first prize of the Evernote DevCup ) can save texts (we select from different web pages or PDF documents), images (also from websites or PDF documents), or write notes images we take and store this information in our account in Evernote (gathering all the information on a single note, or more, to avoid having dispersed information).

The operation is very simple because all you have to do is go copying the contents and the application will be stored on the background (the application runs in background which is very interesting), a kind of buffer that once we finish to navigate, we revisit and tidy within our notes (providing us much easier to store all the information we think is important and we want to keep). In fact, to return all the information we have been stored in this buffer, we can send the notes to Evernote our books (which have different), associating labels (which we used in our Evernote account) and group information we have been capturing (or part thereof) in a single dossier.

A very useful supplement worth having in our iOS devices since quee will help keep information organized from the beginning, that is, while we find (without having to turn on your computer to classify all that we have captured) .

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