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EverEPUB, make a book with your notes in Evernote

EverEPUB, make a book with your notes in Evernote

Throughout our lives, surely, we have compiled a number of notebooks with notes of our travels, recipes, meeting minutes, notes and summaries taken in class or, if we are something creative, perhaps the germ of a book . Another way to store all this information passes by digitalised and stored in electronic notebooks which, in addition to save floor space in our shelf, allows us to relate the information and structuring. In Bitelia at one time or another we’ve talked about , a service that precisely gives us the ability to create our digital books, store them in the cloud and access your notes from any device and, through its APIs, has possible the emergence of an ecosystem of applications and services that improve the user experience and, for example, to create an ebook with our notes and notebooks.

EverEPUB is an application for devices that we install on our iPad, our iPhone or iPod Touch with us which we can maximize the use of the information we have stored in Evernote and transform it into ebook format ePub , which then can open with other applications that support this format.

The idea is that we can select the notes we have in our books and, before creating the book, we select a title for it, let us note the author and even can add an image as the cover. After these adjustments, the application will generate an ebook in format, yes, if accompanying notes are embedded files other than images, these will not be imported electronic book (yes images to be inserted).

The application, available in the App Store , is compatible with devices with iOS 5 or higher, although not free (it costs $ 3.99), can be an interesting way to create electronic books with our special recipe or some of the notes or notes that have been taking.

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