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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Evernote Clearly: a clear vision to read in Chrome

Evernote Clearly: a clear vision to read in Chrome

If you use Evernote as I would agree that it seems impossible to improve the user experience of this service, yet still do. In this case it fell to Evernote Clearly , the Chrome extension , which have done a wonderful job for the users who read a lot on the web and need to store items, both text and image in Evernote, then or to collect information in particular project.

The extension incorporates several new features, such as the highlighted text on the web and that the same changes as they occur in the document that we have stored in our Evernote, or related notes (Notes Related) we appear to the right in the browser in a very subtle, muted tones to not distract from the main display, and can also move so that they appear as the last item in exchange. In them, suggest handles similar documents on which we are working with the goal to inspire or remind any ideas we have already saved.

Clearly Evernote keeps that screen that slides to the right and we “naked” the page you are visiting: take away all advertising and nuisances, leaving only the title, text and accompanying image, and also allowing a vision much cleaner than any article we are reading on the Internet, but ultimately decide not save in Evernote.

Evernote Clearly: a clear vision to read in Chrome image 2

In a quiet bar on the right there are buttons that allow you:

  • Choosing between a form of view or another, that is, between the page as it looks on the internet or the clean version to Evernote
  • Save the item directly in Evernote, with text and images
  • Highlight the text that interests us
  • Change the layout of the display from some pre-designed themes or create our own choosing colors and text size.

Evernote Clearly: a clear vision to read in Chrome image 3

  • Finally, we have the option of sending to print what we’re seeing.

If you read on the web looking simply and without installing a whole program, I recommend it, and if you use Evernote, I’d say it’s almost imperative to try it because surely speed up their reading material and kept returning to it after an orderly fashion.

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