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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Software |

Evernote for Business Evernote announced and a Moleskine notebook

Evernote for Business Evernote announced and a Moleskine notebook

The Trunk Conference being held today in San Francisco (USA), started with a keynote by the CEO, Phil Libin, that since the beginning of it has made a special emphasis on two main objectives Evernote and application ecosystem around this cloud service: save time and offer the user a pleasant experience of application usage. The conference is taking place right next to the office of Zynga, the gaming company, which has served even for a joke to emphasize the area of productivity, which is the aim of Evernote.

Evernote is a company that has experienced incredible growth over the past year, which Libin has shown some illustrative data used to draw the changes they have experienced. In late 2011, the company had 85 employees, 12 million customers and about 5,000 developers using the APIs of the service, however, just one year later, the company has grown to 230 emplados, have 230 million users , 15,000 developers using the APIs and physical presence with 7 offices (two in the U.S., 2 in Europe and elsewhere in Asia).

As said Libin, Evernote goal is to help you think better, work better and save time thanks to their services (Evernote is a service company), and as expected in any keynote, the CEO of Evernote introduced some new pretty draft. The first of the new, and perhaps one of the most important, is the company’s jump into the business with the release of Evernote for Business . With this service, the company wants to extend its services to the business offering the opportunity to work in groups to employees of any company, simplifying management and high users (remember that is SaaS), the use of the tool and most importantly, giving great importance to the ownership of data as these will always be owned by the company who use Evernote for Business (and not of Evernote, it only handles hold the data).

In many cases, having adequate support can be a discriminating factor when hiring a service and, in this sense, Evernote for Business will have a dedicated support team, along with the ability to work in groups, share information and therefore, save time (sharing the minutes of the meetings, for example) for a price of $ 10 a month (the service will be available from December but not in all countries).

The detail of privacy is a point at which Libin has stopped several times to make it clear that Evernote is a service company that provides resources to work better, not a Big Data company and does not process data users to offer targeted advertising, for example.

In the field of software and cloud services there is increasing competition, however, only Libin noted against a rival that competes Evernote every day and even he falls into it: paper. Indeed, take handwritten notes remains the main rival of Evernote and, as said Libin, writing on paper is something beautiful, there are beautiful notebooks, etc. How to bridge the paper and Evernote? The answer to this question was himself and Arrigo Berni Libin (CEO of Moleskine).

Evernote for Business Evernote announced and a Moleskine notebook image 2

Moleskine?? Indeed, the company famous for books that have used Picasso and Hemingway and also has applications for mobile devices (for taking notes), has sealed a curious (and more interesting) alliance with Evernote: Evernote Smart’s Notebook, Moleskine notebook which we can write by hand and then take a picture with the Evernote application for iOS (iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, which has been updated today with this functionality) and capture the content and pass it to Evernote manuscript.

Evernote for Business Evernote announced and a Moleskine notebook image 3

The Smart Notebook Evernote will be released in October but you can order from the Moleskine Store in either sizes (small and large notebook). As October is still some way off, Evernote has given these, exclusively (and in an envelope that said “do not open until the end of the keynote) a notebook to test their functionality.

For Evernote, the user experience is the first and the aim is that it will enjoy using their products, something the CEO of Evernote made it clear during a discussion of some improvements that have been added to their products:

  • The inclusion of a summary of activity to have a history of what has been done (shared notes, notes increases, etc.)
  • Clearly separate what are the contents that are shared private content
  • Inclusion of an autocomplete search (based on the information stored)
  • Including functionality to auto-generate the titles of the notes based on the context (tag, content, location, etc)
  • Improvements in Evernote Clearly (Chrome extension) including a tool to highlight text or notes relate to each other

Evernote for Business Evernote announced and a Moleskine notebook image 4

For Evernote, the user comes first and it rotates around its freemium business model, that is, if the user is comfortable with the services, see useful and therefore uses them, he will want more and contract payment services (without forcing), a very interesting reflection.

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