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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Evernote, the perfect application for the day to day

Evernote, the perfect application for the day to day

Since I discovered a couple of years, little by little, Evernote has become one of my favorite applications. I have it installed on your computer and always carry it with me on the phone, its simplicity and versatility is amazing, what prevents me understand those who say they do not find a utility.

Personally I find it very useful and ways of use are virtually limitless, so I want to share with you my experience and tell you how has helped me organize my work.

Evernote is basically a tool to take notes and keep them synchronized between devices, it helps me remember and have important things at hand. Your organization is very simple and has three key elements: books, notes, and tags.

In addition to writing for several blogs and am also web developer Evernote because I can keep orderly and updated all information related to my two occupations. I give some clues as I do.

  • Report cards are used to store notes, for example, keep a notebook with the name “Hypertext”, where I keep organized all notes related to the two blogs Hipertextual family for which I write.
  • The notes are just that, notes with important details that need to organize and remember. Following the example of hypertext, here I have a note called “History Bitelia”, where I have a record of all the articles I’ve written for this blog, and you wonder why?, And I respond very simple!, I may quickly locate items of support, for example, give continuity to a topic that I have spoken in the past or to link it and use it as a complement. Just like this, I have many more notes you pointed ideas for new articles every day, I keep links to other websites that inspire me and even to develop drafts of articles when I’m away from the computer.
  • Labels, I serve as clues to mark the notes and relate to a specific topic, allowing me to quickly find them when I need them. Before assigning a label to a note I put in the words in the search box when you need it, it helps me define a couple of keywords to identify them effectively. For example, as much work with WordPress, I keep multiple notes with lists of plugins for different tasks, these notes were assigned the label “plugins”, and I know that no matter how many notes I have always find what I want.

To put more examples, also I have a book “Customers” where I store all information precisely the people who work or have worked, important details about each project, email addresses, telephone numbers and summaries or conclusions of the meetings I have with each of them, that way I avoid overlook the most important things. Even, I used Evernote on my Android to develop proposals for work while waiting outside the office, which become downtime minutes gained.

I also use Evernote to create to-do lists that then combine, organize and develop better with Astrid , an excellent tool for managing tasks.

Beyond my experience, through the application blog you can find more creative ways to use Evernote, as does this stylist in Tokyo or the photographer in Los Angeles .

Really the options are endless and no matter what you spend, Evernote is the perfect tool for planning your day. It is available for Windows and Mac on the desktop, Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone 7 mobile devices plus accounts with extensions for popular browsers us.