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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Features, Guides / Tips |

Expanding IFTTT cookbook


Productivity tools are many, and is one of our favorites. Its stands for If This, Then That, and works from creating simple rules to make life easier and “make internet work for us”, as its slogan. Automation tools can be very useful because we could not believe the amount of time lost in monotonous tasks. On several occasions we mention some of our favorite recipes, and today we will expand our recipe with some interesting additions.

First of all, if you did not know or felt something IFTTT shy to try, really recommend it. The purpose of this service is to simplify us life, and for that you sync with some of the most important platforms in which we surely have a profile created or used regularly. Thus we find sync with Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, Calendar, WordPress, SoundCloud and more.

In addition to using the wide range of recipes available to us, we can also create your own very simply. Getting an account is as easy as typing in our email, but once we create recipes the issue gets a little more complicated with the synchronization service. If you’re used to this kind of managers, has nothing out of this world that we have not seen before in terms of permissions.

To create our own recipe, we have to select the service that will “trigger” to generate an action. For example, when we got a photo to Instagram. We have to change the channel after selecting it, which is done simply by entering username and password. Once we have this, we can create the recipe according to a certain action. For example, in the case of Google Reader, we are able to use as “triggers” new items marked as favorites, or new items labeled in some way. Next you need to select the final service.

As we can see, creating a IFTTT recipe is very easy, and we can completely customize our experience. If we win or honestly can not think of anything to automate what we can do is, as mentioned, use the recipes that other users have made public. To do this we obviously need to synchronize our own accounts, but the action will be the same. At the time we gave of 10 recipes to advanced 36 recommendations today and we will evaluate what’s new.

If we choose the Browse option, located on the top bar, we see the recipes that have been created by all users. This can be a bit overwhelming because many recipes are repeated. And because there are several that are in different languages so I do not really know what they do. The best way to locate recipes that best suit us is looking for a service in the search bar.

Cloud Storage

IFTTT has support for services like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. The practicality of these platforms is amazing, and allows us from saving files to perform collaborative work.

Social Networks

Although it is advisable to be on top of social networks, we must also consider that we consume a lot of time. From customization to photo backup and replication status updates, almost everything can be done with IFTTT.


Another important aspect that we have to keep in mind when using IFTTT is the things that we can use to increase our productivity. There are many recipes for it, we will share some of our favorites.

  • Favorites from Gmail to Evernote : every time a star mark an email in Gmail, you can also save it as a note in Evernote.
  • Minutes of meetings Evernote : although taking minutes of meeting is so boring, we can make it more enjoyable knowing that they will never lose by being pushed to Evernote.
  • From Tumblr to Evernote : If you use Tumblr as our personal blog, we want to have a backup, and this is an ideal way to do it.
  • Meeting for SMS Alert : This rule allows us to receive a text message when we have an appointment in Google Calendar.
  • Schedule Buffer : do we want to know what we have tweets scheduled to leave? We do not have to go to the website, but see them directly in this special calendar.

There are thousands of ways to use IFTTT, as always, we welcome your suggestions in the comments.