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Exponentially increases bulletproof backpacks sale United States

Exponentially increases bulletproof backpacks sale United States

Last Friday, the news shook the world: 20 children and killed 6 people died in a primary school in Newtown (Connecticut) at the hands of a boy 20 who had killed his mother and then himself. The event has been put back on the table the issue of firearms in the United States and remember as the Columbine killings . Given this culture broth and the sense of helplessness of American society, sales of has experienced growth brutal (putting more guns on the streets) and, within this collective psychosis, there is another range of products has also growth experienced brutal: the bulletproof backpacks .

Backpacks? Bulletproof? Within the U.S. collective paranoia firearms and defense against them, companies have emerged that have seen a niche business in the sale of clothing and accessories that also act as protectors against gun shots. Jackets, shirts and even backpacks for children are some products we can find reinforced kevlar and ceramic (the same material used in bulletproof vests).

Since last Friday, the day on which the slaughter took place in Connecticut, sales of bulletproof backpacks (for the protection of children) have risen about 500%. And why can serve a backpack like this? With prices hovering around $ 250, these backpacks offer parents a shield that could use their children to a shootout, ie in case of danger crouch and protect his backpack like a shield (with which could stop a small-caliber bullet). Sales of these products, which are also made for adults with backpacks, for example, computer, have soared both in physical stores and via the Internet and, of course, is assuming quite a bonanza for the companies related to the world of U.S. weapons even marketed also shields to shield conventional backpacks.

This business idea was born in 1999 following the Columbine tragedy and, in view of what they are rooted in U.S. weapons and the reluctance of the political class, misfortune as that which occurred last week, and many other similar events far removed weapons from the streets shooting cause the opposite effect and sales of accessories, further fueling the collective psychosis that false “sense of security” that seem to give this type of product.

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