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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Extensions to read ebooks from the browser

Extensions to read ebooks from the browser

Readers are unstoppable. Read wherever, whenever, in whatever format. When electronic book readers were popular, many hoisted the flag “is not the same.” Yes, is not the same electronic ink paper books, but one thing does not remove the other. We will not list the benefits of using a reader, and have mentioned on other occasions. But I will say that not only can read from a Kindle or a Nook, but we have many other opportunities to access the titles that we like.

In fact, do not even need to have a device like a smartphone or a tablet, which also function as ebook readers. All we have to have is ingenuity and the right tools. While it is true that a computer screen is not the same as that of a reader e-ink screen, we’ll admit, is not competent, for those without the ability to access the purchase of one, can download a series of extensions that let you read electronic books directly from the computer.

Some of these we have mentioned on other occasions in which we talk about alternatives for readers, but it does not hurt to review them. These are, for example, Amazon Cloud Reader, where we read in the cloud we buy books through Amazon’s online store, an excellent application that allows you to synchronize between different devices if we have them, and that has a very nice reading interface. In regard to stores, we also have available the Kobo application, which can be downloaded to your computer to read the purchases we have made in this store and other books that are in ePUB format. The good thing is that Kobo has an extensive catalog of free books.


MagicScroll is a very simple reader that can be used in two ways. One is through the same browser , up the book you want to read from a tab to do. The other is through an extension for Google Chrome which can be downloaded from the store for free. It supports the popular ePub format-basically using all but the Amazon-and also what I think is the highlight, supports offline so we can read even when we do not have internet access.

If we beading or advanced functionality, we will not find: it is a completely minimalist reader that helps us read and basically nothing else. But we can create an account for a storage-limited, of course-and reading our books from all computers that have access. Another detail picky eaters: have support for vertical scrolling, which means it can be read from top to bottom instead of “turn pages” horizontally.


This extension is intended for users in a format called ePub 3 which is based in languages like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and more. For now, many of the readers are not supporting this universal format most advanced, so the idea is that users have access to a free tool that allows them to read books in ePUB 3 without hassle.


Again we dive into the world of a pleasant ePUB format reader that can be installed as a Chrome extension. With Lektz can read files that are in ePUB format 2-the most popular, generally referred to without the number-and ePUB 3. It has support for other devices and offers a user experience invariably effective, without adding too many toys but focuses exclusively on reading. It also gives us the ability to read PDFs, from the browser.

It is a tool originally designed for publishers, that is, more of a business solution than anything else, but as personal users also can find a profit. Its potential as a reader are present, further complemented to the option to create our own online book store. It’s not something we need to do every day, but hey, it’s nice to know we have the option.

Alezaa Cloud Reader

This extension also allows us to have a multiplatform experience. You may not have a Kindle, for example, but have an iPad or an Android Smartphone. Therefore, we can use an application platform. One of the little known but it provides a good amount of functionality is Alezaa , which allows us to do many of the things we can do with the Amazon reader.

For example, we can highlight parts of the text, place bookmarks to continue reading later, change the font and style, synchronize between different devices, sync with social networks to tell our friends what we’re reading now, and more. In this sense, I think Alezaa combines the most interesting with Amazon and Kobo, facilities-side reading and sharing options.

PDF Ebook Search Engine and Reader

With a name as literal, we can not expect less. With this addon for Firefox will have an interesting experience, because we can search for a title-must be in PDF-anywhere and then download it and read it. This is interesting and somewhat pirate-what it does is see in forums, message boards and sites to see who gained downloading a PDF, the format of choice for pirating books. But it is also a way to bring the experience to readers. Instead of losing a place to read in the other, we have focused on a single addon.

The truth is that it could improve the interface a bit more, but for users of is an excellent alternative. Always with this style applications have to be careful not to be getting into sites that can compromise the security of our computer. But as a reader, leaves nothing to be desired. It is also an option for those seeking minimal reading and nothing else.


This is one of the best alternatives, at least in my opinion, for Firefox users. This addon is one of the most popular and with just cause. With EPUBReader you can access our books in ePUB they are on the computer, but also can open them directly when downloaded without having to go through a conversion process. In this sense, its usefulness lies in save this step.


To start closing the list, presented the more minimalist tool for reading books in Firefox. With Lucifox can read and nothing else, we have no options highlight text, select, or many of the things we do have in other addons. Therefore, it is ideal for those who enjoy a more minimalist reading experience. Supports ePUB format, but other more popular as HTML or PDF. Mobi or talk, for this we can use the Amazon Cloud Reader.

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