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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in News |

Facebook adopts new policies despite the rejection of the users

Facebook adopts new policies despite the rejection of the users

Recently we reported that had proposed to introduce a series of changes in its policies and to give greater democracy had decided that its users would vote for or against them. As expected days after the vote that could most users oppose the company to establish its new measures.

Facebook, with these measures, intended to unify information such as Instagram profiles with your own network. Then came a barrage of criticism of the new measures claiming they had no right to appropriate user content hosted on other services for commercial purposes. However, for Facebook it was an opportunity to gather more information and thus target advertising more effectively.

Well, it has closed the voting period with a resultatos could already guess from the beginning. 88% of users have opposed the changes, ie 588 803 668 500 votes were negative while only 79,697 were in favor.

However, as Facebook said, was needed to vote more than 30% of users and as has been the case not implemented its measures. That leads us to think about whether this is true of a democratic system. Is it fair to require a minimum of votes to take into account the views of users? This is an issue that would give much to talk about.

Personally, I think they want to give a completely social in the end not be true at all. In addition, from now removed completely the right to vote. Notably, 14% of the planet is in your social network and therefore his intention is that users feel they are part of evolution.

What concussion can draw on the effect of the changes? Although now Instagram has no advertising, Facebook could add it soon and also be based on the data for the user of the social network to display a much more segmented advertising. Like most companies, going in search of maximum profit.

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