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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in News |

Facebook aims to group the profiles of its users with Instagram

Facebook aims to group the profiles of its users with Instagram

Facebook has proposed to introduce a new series of changes to documents indicated in the management of user data. These proposals include the ability to share data with other services which owns social network, for example, Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg bought earlier this year by 1 billion dollars and time and the redesigned to look like Facebook.

With these new propositions Facebook plans to unify the information users have their own social network and other services that are also owned by the company. This reminds me a little strategy that keeps Google+ consisting collect all user data scattered in different applications.

While many applaud the measure, over 14,000 users have disagreed about claiming that is not entitled to appropriate their contents for commercial purposes. It is normal, do not want photographs of Facebook use to extract profit. According to the company, just want to improve their services. This results in that the more information we can have better advertising segment.

For now, Facebook allows its users to criticize and comment on its proposals until 28 November. If you want to expose your opinion, do it soon! Remember it may be the last chance to vote against the changes they want to do in the various company policies. However, with this barrage of negative reviews got hope to reconsider the decision.

Since Facebook was made public has been closely watched by different governments and lawyers in charge of consumer protection, much needed when data from more than one billion people. Will Facebook ahead with changes or oppositions to get users to change my mind Mark Zuckerberg?

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