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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Internet |

Facebook allows users to vote on new privacy policies

Facebook allows users to vote on new privacy policies

Titled Facebook Site Governance popular social network opens a democratic system with its users. A page from which each registrant may use its vote on new privacy policy is governed in the future. Until next Monday, December 10 may be cast.

A significant change, possibly a step that has been following numerous complaints from users over time, in that opens the polls for your social mass have capacity to decide on the next privacy policies.

This option will give users a say on the use of data that will exercise our social network and future policies on the Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities. There is an explanatory document that anyone can download from the Facebook Site Governance. In addition, Facebook will organize the day following the end of “polls” a briefing with company representatives to answer any questions from users.

Every registered user will be able to vote once and that the vote is binding social network has set a standard that at least 30% of its active users make the vote, meaning that if Facebook is now more than a billion active users per month, must vote at least 300 million people. Perhaps too high a percentage when you consider that the last vote was counted similar with only 0.1% of all active users in June.

According to Facebook, the changes which are critical vote. Changes on the new policies on the use of data that allow social network users to share information with other companies owned by Facebook as Instagram. According to Elliot Schrage, head of communications for the company:

Our goal with this vote is to make sure we receive information from you in the best way, in the most productive way possible so we can respond to your feedback. Regarding the proposal to share information from users, this provision refers to Instagram and allows us to store server logs Instagram and administrative records in a way that is more efficient than maintaining storage systems completely separate. The exchange of information between our members is and will be in compliance with all applicable laws, and with the additional consent of our users, we need something to do.

Anyway, this change to democratize and voice users is more than positive news for all of them after years of complaints that asked warning or notice to major changes.

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