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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Rumors, SmartPhones |

Facebook and HTC are working together to launch a smartphone in 2013

Facebook and HTC are working together to launch a smartphone in 2013

Facebook is by far the most social network users and for that reason, wants to use each of the fields that still leads. The most important of all, without doubt, is the motive. How quickly do to grab a lot of users? Well, simple, throw a phone. And that has been under discussion recently. Now it seems that Bloomberg reported working with HTC to present mid-2013 .

But is not there a rumor, but they also delve further stating that both companies had the intention to present this year, but had to delay it because people needed more time to work on other products. Who said this? Not just one person but several unnamed sources who preferred not to reveal their names (because we will automatically remain in the street).

Meanwhile Facebook would be developing its own operating system for the device and has a team of people who have previously worked with Apple in iPhone applications. Interesting information. There are many developers for Apple apps that are great developers and became very famous in the environment for presenting interesting things. As we know, the true potential of IOS is in the hundreds of thousands of apps that give you almost endless possibilities.

More than half of the 900 million users access the social network through their mobile devices. Is it strange that want to launch your device? No, actually what is strange is that not done so already.

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