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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Internet |

Facebook charged to establishments for posting their offers

Facebook charged to establishments for posting their offers

While many analysts expected IPO of would go down in history as one of the most successful in the technology sector, the reality was somewhat different and again speak of the famous tech bubble . Investors of the company, of course, they want a return on their investment and put pressure on Facebook to become a “money machine” so that, little by little, we noticing changes that lead to increased monetization Service.

One of the first changes that are going to start seeing has to do with the service that Facebook offers advertisers and facilities offered, a feature similar to Foursquare deals they could use the facilities to offer discounts or special offers to fans of a page. Until now, this service is offered free of charge but, it seems , in the coming weeks the service will be paid for (although the economic consideration will be rewarded with an extension of the scope of the service).

As reported in Reuters, Facebook charged an amount of money (said to be around $5 minimum) to merchants and establishments through the use of this resource but, yes, the compensation will come in the form of and publicity. Facebook ads and will use all the knowledge we have about the users (information not inconsiderable) to launch a targeted ads to target the offer. That is, when publishing an offer also can define a target audience that will display the ads that Facebook inserted (and be paid based on the scope you want to be the announcement).

Considering the enormous mass of users that Facebook has, these resources are quite interesting for brands and, in the case of having an active user community, offers may be an interesting resource to revitalize the and visits to establishments (paid based on the scope that you want to give to the announcement).

It may seem a change without much importance but is an interesting example of the changes that Facebook should do to become a company that makes its investors make money (do not forget that the company has lost 40% of initial value of its shares since it went public) and advertising, or rather, the potential to make money through advertising is a reef that the company must realize and capitalize.

What will the future be like Facebook? It’s complicated daring to predict the path that will take Facebook to make money for their investors but it is quite logical to think that advertising will be one of its strengths, especially the ability to have Facebook segmentation processing all information is stored and maintained on its users.

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