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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Technology |

Facebook could buy WhatsApp

Facebook could buy WhatsApp

may have started talks with the company responsible for the implementation of mobile instant messaging world’s most widespread, WhatsApp.

According to some sources have reported close to TechCrunch, the social network would be studying the potential purchase, and the potential benefits in the short and long term.

In Facebook are clear that the way to reach the next billion active users on Facebook is betting big on mobile platforms, where precisely is enthroned in the field of mobile instant messaging, despite the recent arrival of services such as Line .

WhatsApp is one of the key points that Facebook still wants to improve their internationalization in emerging markets. The messaging application, which is currently looking for translators of various languages, has users in over one hundred countries covering 750 mobile networks across iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Symbian.

Confirmed the acquisition of some of the parts, besides getting the opening of new markets and millions of users, Facebook would get great benefits from every purchase directly undertake the application users.

Remember that Facebook already ventured into the world of mobile applications with the purchase of Instagram for a final price of 715 million euros.

Although so far none of the two companies have confirmed or denied these potential purchase plans, no doubt that will be made mainly surprised by the main pillars that WhatsApp has been so successful.

Ironically, WhatsApp explicitly repudiated advertising as a revenue source that could work in your favor when negotiating purchase. Meanwhile, all know as Facebook has risen prominently and even intrusive advertising as a way to get a significant amount of revenue.

Without going any further, Jan Koum, WhatsApp cofounder, wrote this year in a post on the company:

Advertising is not only an interruption of aesthetics, is an insult to intelligence. In every company that sells ads, an important part of their engineering team spends the day packing the user’s personal data to better reach your advertising, instead of writing better code. When it comes to advertising the user is treated as a product.

And not just these words by WhatsApp which would make it a surprise acquisition. On other occasions, has publicly Jan Koum disgust when he enters while startups are sold quickly to the money power of the big companies.

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