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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Internet |

Facebook could unify user profiles with Instagram

Facebook could unify user profiles with Instagram

Earlier this year, Google announced major changes to its policy that broke the seal of his services to them as “a whole” where user data flowing through Google to be centrally managed and theoretically, provide a unified experience. This unified experience, ranging from impregnating Google launching Google+, has not done much grace to the EU in terms of the forms but is materializing, for example, in experiments such as Gmail integrations with the search . It seems that this convergence of services has also drawn the attention of the queen of social networks, Facebook, which these days has opened a consultation to change its privacy agreement also hinting and the ability to manage, in a unified manner, the information users opening the door, so a possible unification of the profiles of and Instagram.

The purchase of Instagram by Facebook has been, without doubt, one of the most significant strategic moves this year 2012 and while teams and Facebook were going to work “Happy Together” (Facebook competes with itself to Camera through Facebook, Instagram clone), this shift towards a unified model can change things.

With this suggestion, Facebook aims to unify the information maintained by users and has dispersed among their own social network and other services that are also owned by the company (such as Instagram). Unify information from the point of view of information processing, involves obtaining a much more comprehensive and user, of course, this can translate into a much more segmented advertising and directed. Put another way, Facebook would use the information it obtains through its subsidiaries for use in the matrix (the social network) and vice versa.

More than 14,000 users have expressed dissatisfaction with this measure because, among other things, opens the door to use our photos Facebook our publications published or commercial uses and, of course, marry this information with our own activities in Instagram, further refining their market research (and improving its advertising platform).

For now, Facebook has launched this balloon as a query, and the truth, seeing the anger of users (and rightfully so) I hope they rethink their position because, to make this shift, the Data Protection Agencies half World shove it up because the social network Mark Zuckerberg is as much perfected this “dark machine” that transforms the data from users in advertising.

However, the intention is hardly surprising because many companies that share user information with its subsidiaries and other companies within the same corporate group, whether banking or telecommunications, so to some extent, something which is unfortunately common practice.

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