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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Economy and Business |

Facebook encourages its employees to migrate to Android

Facebook encourages its employees to migrate to Android

Something important is cooked in Facebook, although it does not pass something anecdotal and almost casual, but that eventually can lead into something bigger. And in the corridors of its headquarters in Silicon Valley, the company of Zuckerberg advertises see how they make the switch to another operating system. Specifically, Facebook expects its employees to migrate to Android, what echoes iDownloadBlog , and not have to dive far to find the reasons.

It happened in August, and now the campaign is accentuated. The basic reason for that wants to promote this change is the Droidfooding, portmanteau of the words and dogfooding (‘eat the dog food, a way of referring to the test of their products that are developed, explains TechCrunch ) . And so, after several years in which employees received iPhone, the company is pushing so friendly and almost moment-unofficially, to change their platform to adapt to the market.

There are reasons for this. According to sales forecasts for the next four years, which indicate that iPhone sales will stabilize, increasing appreciably, while the terminal with Android will grow exponentially, as can be seen in the graph of IDC. If we look at this, in 2016 the proportion of Android against iOS is doubled, which explains the interest in migration.

With a potential market so exaggerated and tempting in the medium and long term, Facebook wants to put the batteries and optimize your application for Google’s mobile operating system, which has added value compared to iOS because of the usual restrictions App Store. These error reports on the application, that the company’s internal software can communicate by shaking the terminal-Shake function Rage – so Facebook would have recorded errors to correct them as soon as their employees tested the beta versions of the latest updates from Facebook applications and Facebook Messenger.

In any case, the interest of Facebook because their own employees start using Android is great news for Google, the second of the three major technologies that have grown in recent years. So much for the importance they give to Android from now, as the contagion effect that can lead to other companies, given the lucrative market that analysts suggest, and that few could ignore.

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