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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Software |

Facebook Fastbook is well done in HTML5

Facebook Fastbook is well done in HTML5

Fastbook is the attempt to produce a mobile Facebook application, made to rival HTML5 and native applications. Mark Zuckerberg said that was not possible and Sencha guys have come to prove that’s not true.

Facebook is one of those applications for smartphones indispensable for many people. It’s a lot of people who access the social network via mobile and many which spend much time in it. It is therefore important that the application is well made and feels smooth. Until quite smooth experience with was not possible, because the application was not made natively for different platforms. This was an application made in HTML5 and that was identified as the culprit that was so bad.

Some time ago Facebook decided to replace the existing application in a native iOS and has done the same on Android a few days ago. Since then we have enjoyed a seamless experience with HTML5 and we thought it could not be. Even today, as have been proposed in Sencha Fastbook demonstrate with an application made in HTML5 can be as smooth or more than a native.

In the video we see how the items loading speed is similar, although the web version can save the information from different tabs to switch between them. Also load of new information on the timeline seems more efficient in the HTML version and comments are in a new format more suitable. It also allows rotation in landscape mode on all sections. As they say in their blog , to see the old application of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg later statements saying that HTML was not ready for this kind of work, they took it as a small offense and decided to use their free time to investigate because was wrong in the HTML version.

In short, they found that to manage the large load of information in certain areas, the frameworks used were not correct and that it could implement more efficient. Said and done. In the video we see how they do it and if anyone wants to try it you can simply go here . So you know, next time they tell you that a native app is better than one made in HTML5, think that perhaps made in HTML is not well implemented.

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