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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Software |

Facebook for Android is updated and is now native

Facebook for Android is updated and is now native

The app for has been criticized for his poor performance, which is slow, it feels very little fluid and not at all comparable with the iOS version. However, the social network run by Mark Zuckerberg was aware of this, and so after an arduous development today without notice have released an update of its all-new application for Android, which is now native.

In the headquarters of Facebook had months working on it, to replace that awful previous version which was based on HTML5. Today it is a reality , and is available to all users of the social network that have an Android smartphone or tablet to enjoy all its wonders and new design.

The first thing we can realize the new Facebook for Android (version 2.0) is that the application is now much faster and more stable, works smoothly and practically not faulty or abrupt closure, which was always the case with the previous version. This has been possible because the team has rewritten the application from scratch, so although it looks quite similar to the previous (similar, but not identical), is a new product, which now claims to be native to Android and is simply better than ever.

Among the innovations in the design of the application, have added a new horizontal bar located at the top, which allows the user to move quickly to other publications and photographs that have shared their contacts, without completely abandoning you’re reading at that time.

Zuckerberg is aware that the mobile device market is vital for social networking, and considering that Android has 70% share of the smartphone market, it’s no wonder you’ve put so much effort into quickly out a major update to its application in this platform. It was so much commitment, that even Facebook’s headquarters is campaigning for developers and employees to acquire Android phones.

You can download or update Facebook for Android from Google Play Store for free, and with the assurance that this time the user experience would be spectacular.

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