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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Software |

Facebook integrates Dropbox file sharing in groups

Facebook integrates Dropbox file sharing in groups

In a very interesting move, Dropbox announced that will integrate with Facebook to share files in groups, a feature that will be extremely useful to users. If you’ve ever used one of the Facebook Groups, you will notice that allows the loading of a file up to 25 MB. Where’s the advantage is to use a document hosted on Dropbox? Simple: each modification we make to this file will be reflected.

That is, suppose I have a sports calendar dates that I want to share with a group. If there is a last minute change, I have to edit the file and upload it again. Here, I am only editing done and people who have access to that file will receive a notification that the file has been updated. Of course, maintaining the normal functions of any entry in Facebook: comment, like giving and sharing.

The issue has several readings. First, Facebook’s bid to continue strengthening their groups. Why? Simple: there is much competition out there, especially considering the rise of social networks dedicated to collaboration, as Yammer or Socialcast. Groups is one of the first functions of and over time has declined. In recent months, there has been an effort by the company to rescue this feature, as the redesign of the page or the decision to allow the exchange of files only in May 2012.

The role of host files opened the question of whether Facebook would try to compete in storage services in the cloud. Here, the Palo Alto boys take a wise decision to distance himself from that role to cedérsela an expert in the field. Collaboration, of course, falls from great to Dropbox, who suddenly has a very attractive captive market that can substantially increase the number of users.

Until here everything seems to colors for those involved, but there is an underlying issue that always comes up when talking about Facebook: what will happen to the terms and conditions of privacy? For instance, users of Facebook can make groups of content uploaded to Inappropriate social network, so that administrators have the authority to remove them. What happens to files hosted on that are reported in the same way? Who is responsible for the management of these files? Does falling cloud files of each user (and if so, who is responsible for this task?) Or only prevent them from being shared?

For now, if you’re curious to know what information will have Facebook on their files, Dropbox has uploaded a clarification to their help section , which states that Facebook only have access to a link to the file, basic data such as name and size file, and the ability to deploy a small preview picture. Anyway, if you want to test the feature, starting today will be available to all groups.

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