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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Internet |

Facebook is down

Facebook is down

Today is a day to be somewhat atypical since it is not unusual for a service like Gmail is out of service for some time, a fact that caused quite a stir but the net was resolved quickly, but hours later, the queen of social networks, Facebook, takes out of service for almost an hour. Anyone who has tried to get into this social network will have noticed that you can not access, a decision that seems to point to a problem with the DNS servers because they do not respond to the request for name resolution.

Facebook, for now, has not said anything about it and presumably will be working on clarifying the causes of this decline is leaving notes that much of the planet.

As we know some more detail about the causes or restoration of service will inform the updating information note. Meanwhile, can you access the service or you are suffering the fall?

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