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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Economy and Business, Internet |

Facebook is interested in buying WhatsApp

Facebook is interested in buying WhatsApp

This morning TechCrunch has dropped the bomb: Facebook is interested in buying WhatsApp, in what could be a prelude to an integration between the two services. Fulfilled, it would be an interesting move to see how the saturated market of instant messaging that cup app stores.

A thousand and one rumors are heard daily purchases on platforms and business online. Many of them, which could buy Facebook, which for example was done with Instagram . But if the source is TechCrunch, things change, and deserves at least pay attention. The technology giant has made Mark a powerful position in the market, and could use it to expand its area of operation. And to expand, nothing is better than something that most people use. Exactly, WhatsApp.

How would it affect purchases made effective? First, getting placed in a privileged and no one could do shadow: its one billion users have easy access and provided the most popular service from the smartphone. made public over a year ago its user statistics for the last time, and even then spoke a billion messages a day between them.

All this happens in a context that requires WhatsApp emerge stronger. Falls suffers sporadic, they go from being mere recurrent fault error, non-encrypted data in its infancy, as the recent problems error when displaying the states of contacts, or violation of privacy when filtered, telephone number and state of 10 million users in Spain, can weigh much to retain users who discover alternatives. If we add the little progress that has been in his years available, just adding some detail to the interface, or by extending the limit of the groups, it is natural alternatives like Line will triumph.

That would be the challenge for Facebook: WhatsApp offer the user what strange. For example, fewer falls service, a desktop client or web, integrated VoIP calls … Now need to crystallize and the negotiations to a successful conclusion. While doing so, would have another challenge: give confidence to any user who casts doubt upon the privacy of the service, one of the Achilles heels of the company suffering Zuckerberg.

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