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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Software |

Facebook Messenger now allows register with a phone number

Facebook Messenger now allows register with a phone number

Today we compared them both instant messaging services for several major and popular platarformas the moment, Whatsapp and Line , however, it seems that Facebook would like to join this market, because although the last couple of days are sounding rumors about his possible interest in buying Whatsapp (which the courier has denied altogether), have today released an update to its application Facebook Messenger that gives much to talk about.

This application is available for iOS devices, Android and BlackBerry, is officially in the social network that provides access to chat from your mobile device. To access it was necessary to have an account on the social platform and of course our contacts would be our friends. Until now.

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg’s company is experiencing a change in its chat application as of today do not need to have an account on Facebook, but we can use Messenger only with a phone number, the same style as and all other platforms.

However, this new feature is very limited right now, in fact only available on the Android version and in a few countries, which are Australia, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Venezuela.

No doubt this new feature only require a phone number and the full name of the user, is a very clear track they want to take a step further and convert Facebook Messenger in a complete instant messaging application to rival Whatsapp and like. The advantage of Facebook in this area is its large number of users reaching the one billion people worldwide who may be attracted to be your favorite social network.

So far no confirmed date of when this new feature will be available in other territories in the world or in different mobile platforms, but no doubt many will be waiting the.

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